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Do you really hate frameworks?

“Do you really hate frameworks?” – this question won a contest for the most popular question after my talk at JDD this year. I don’t remember exactly how many discussions I had after my presentation, how many questions about my personal trauma caused by programming languages, paradigms and frameworks. I have to say that this makes me feel good about my presentation. I don’t know if you liked it, if you liked my style, slides and my English was good enough. One thing I know for sure is that my message was heard and was not lost in translation. I tend to have people confused after my presentations, they don’t know what I wanted to say.I usually have too many thoughts at once, too many views and never ever show last slide :).

Do I really hate frameworks?. Yes I do. Do I? No, I don’t hate them. It is really complex and dynamic relation. It is hard to say if I love or hate, something that is not alive. I can love or hate people, but I cannot say the same about frameworks. At the end of the day it is all about people, people who create and use frameworks, paradigms and programming langues. It is all about us,
lost in a universe of unknown , which expands with the speed of light. It is all about us, who master our skills to communicate better and better with machines, and lost our ability to express our thoughts in a “human readable” form.
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