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Dojo, kata and software architecture

I am back home after architectural kata, where I played role of a “customer”, for the first time.I am tired, but smiling. Team was unbelievable, problem we were trying to solve quirky enough, discussions during presentations of architectures were great, tons of good “critical thinking”. Everyone was treated equally and had to survive under constant fire of questions from the audience.

On my way home I realized that I have learned something really important, even more important then discussed designs and technology stacks.

These things are so important that I have to share it with you, my dear reader. It is nothing that would change your life, rather things we tend to forget about.
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Software complexity

Another quote from my famous stoned friend.

– “What is software complexity, my friend?”
– “It is number of possible end states, man”
– “If this is true, isn’t like software’s complexity is a “new entropy”?”
– “You’re right”
– “So what can we do about it?”
– “Looking back at the history of science, not much my friend 😦 ”