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Alive and hacking : revised

Some time ago I found my old articles, from previous blog. Some of them are 5 or more years old, written in Polish, from times where I was spending more time far away from coding. In those times, I was focused on managing and “architecting”. It gave me a strange perspective on things. Few months back, I woke up with this idea to comment and criticize my own thoughts. I don’t know if you are going to like it, but at least for one person, it was fun 🙂 And it was me.

Before we start, lots of love and thanks to my wife, who took this burden on her shoulders, and translated these articles.

I include the whole article with my comments and thoughts inlined. Enjoy, or not 🙂

The 1980’s. Simple Minds and their classic Alive and Kicking (especially in
live version).

I have not been here for a long time. I neglected this small group of
readers, the blogosphere, and Googlebot. In the meantime, I changed my job, explored Northern Europe, survived the deadly “afterparty” after the first edition of the refreshed Confitura, and started a PhD in JBoss 4.2.3 GA.

I shut myself in my small space, at the new desk with a view of Krakow and repeat like  mantra the mvn clean package, run and subsequent curse through gritted teeth and git reset. I turned off Google Reader, InfoQ and a few other “disturbers”. The only entertainment is to keep alive the noble idea of “zero inbox”.

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