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Szybcy i wściekli

Ten artykuł zawiera ohydne, ze wszech miar odrażające, do granic podłości bezczelne lokowanie produktu.

Przełom 1999/2000. Turbo Pascal się skończył. Okazało się, że 640 kB to jednak za mało, a Windows 95, wbrew przewidywaniom mojego CTO/CEO/CFO/CMO w jednej osobie, zachwycił odbiorców swoją wygodą, funkcjonalnością i ogólnym “look’n’feel”. I nikt się nie przejmował tym,  że do zrobienia tego samego w arkuszu kalkulacyjnym potrzebują teraz zabójczego Pentium z 4 MB RAM. Podsumowując: ludzie chcieli okienek, a nie MS-DOS.

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Let it all be

Two years have passed. That’s funny. Because I love to write. Actually I find it more rewarding than public speaking.

Joke. Killing joke.

Things are moving pretty fast. Faster than I wish. As usual I am doing too many things at once, thous none of it ends in a perfect shape. Which is fine. Perfection is boring, you need to kill this little shmug.

So I am doing new conference, in a worst possible moment, but let’s bury private stuff in soft shell of silence. Let’s write about conference.

It is called SegFault.

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In mind of 4Developers’2015

So, end of call for papers for 4Developers’2015 is approaching fast, it is actually end of January. I will be honest with you, I don’t have a clue what I will be talking about at “the only”, “the biggest” software architecture track in Poland, this year :). Yeah, I little bit of megalomania is never enough.
But actually it is true, in 2014 we had two full rooms of people, in parallel, listening to real world cases studies from battlefields.
Why I am writing this post at my almost dead blog? Simply, because a single tweet is not enough to tell you about my plans for this year. My dream is that every year, software architecture track at 4Developers will have different leitmotif. I also hope it will help you to find a topic you can talk about.

The word for this year is:


Failure in many different shapes. Tell us how and why you failed implementing newest, coolest architecture paradigm, how you design your systems, so they can fail in a controlled way. Tell us how you design for failure and how you fail fast.

Of course if you want to talk about something else, that’s cool, but I will prefer talks about failures, in any technology and framework, over other talks. So don’t wait to fail, submit your talk to 4Developers at CfP page, or write to me directly. In case you are not convinced you are a right person to stand in front of crowd to talk about failures, believe you are.

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