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Spring Integration with JGroups

This time something different, a framework 🙂

From time to time, even I, professional framework “hater”, need to write or contribute to some framework. Just to prove how “bad, bad, bad” frameworks are 🙂 Just to feel “filthy” and “dirty”. Just to feel this chill down my spine, when I have to frame my thoughts within boundaries set by somebody else:)

This time I was playing with Spring Integration, an interesting approach to implementation of patterns described in a book
“Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions” by Greg Hohpe and Bobby Woolf, a real classic.
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Testing asynchronous code

This is my first every “quicky”.

Recently I didn’t have time to write posts as I was travelling back and forth to conferences, code katas and so on. I have a long list of things to write about, and not enough time to give it attention they need. In the meantime I get distracted by my “pet” projects, articles and posts. Usual thing. Ok, enough excuses 🙂

Whenever I got a chance to squeeze time and space, I am working in a spare time on my projects… , actually haven’t committed to my “pet” projects a single line of code for a month or so. This is sad story about every single of my “pet” projects. It is not that I am lazy :), it is more because of a broken connection in my brain. Because of this broken connection when I build concept or an idea for a “pet” project my brain “gets high” pretty fast, I work on it day and night, commits flow into repository like waters of holy river Ganges, until the “aha” moment.
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