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Byte my code – new conference

#Wrocław #Java
Hey guys, just letting you know that ByteMyCode – a new Java event is taking place in Wroclaw.
If these topics are interesting for you:
  • Event Processing in Action
  • Cloud Native Java
  • Guide to Instantaneous Feedback Loops for Java Developers
  • Bringing Structure to Performance Tuning
  • UBS Innovation – DLT
Or you’d like to shake hand with:
  • Josh Long
  • Kirk Pepperdine
  • Sebastian Malaca
  • Michał Kordas
  • Robert Jones
There’s only 250 places to take – go and get one!

Alive and hacking : revised

Some time ago I found my old articles, from previous blog. Some of them are 5 or more years old, written in Polish, from times where I was spending more time far away from coding. In those times, I was focused on managing and “architecting”. It gave me a strange perspective on things. Few months back, I woke up with this idea to comment and criticize my own thoughts. I don’t know if you are going to like it, but at least for one person, it was fun 🙂 And it was me.

Before we start, lots of love and thanks to my wife, who took this burden on her shoulders, and translated these articles.

I include the whole article with my comments and thoughts inlined. Enjoy, or not 🙂

The 1980’s. Simple Minds and their classic Alive and Kicking (especially in
live version).

I have not been here for a long time. I neglected this small group of
readers, the blogosphere, and Googlebot. In the meantime, I changed my job, explored Northern Europe, survived the deadly “afterparty” after the first edition of the refreshed Confitura, and started a PhD in JBoss 4.2.3 GA.

I shut myself in my small space, at the new desk with a view of Krakow and repeat like  mantra the mvn clean package, run and subsequent curse through gritted teeth and git reset. I turned off Google Reader, InfoQ and a few other “disturbers”. The only entertainment is to keep alive the noble idea of “zero inbox”.

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Frameworks, libraries, languages and deconstructing bullshit

Actually, when I was writing this article I was on vacation, relaxed, far away from work, with limited access to Internet, reading books, enjoying time with kids. It is just an example of what happens when I spend too much time away from coding. I start to think. Seriously. I recommend this exercise to everybody.

Oh, and one more note, this article contains strong language. Some statistics, word bullshit is used nine times (including this sentence) and word fuck is used two times (including this sentence). You are likely to disagree with my points, and that’s ok. It is ok to disagree and have different point of view, and even call me dump. I would love to hear some arguments with this article, because it would mean I am not surrounded by zombies. This would bring some hope into my life.

I’m tired. This is the feeling I’m hiding deep inside of me. It is not a burnout, because I have it under control.

But I am tired. After 20 years (or more, depends how you count), I can say it out loud. I am tired.

There have recently been a couple of blog posts, articles on happiness level in our overpaid, teased by recruiters with shining like a diamond benefits, eco offices with best of breed fair trade coffee, thin and lightweight Macs, scrum owners (actually psychologists in disguise, and you know what I think about psychology) who are here for you to listen and tokenize and parse your feedback, with tons of empathy for your everyday struggle with The System.

The System, the Monster your created, so later on you can refactor it, using new shining Sword Of New Technology Blessed On Another Cool Conference By Some Unknown Priest of Whatever. It reminds me about the “DragonHeart” movie, where the last living dragon, played by Sean Connery, makes a deal with dragonslayer. The dragon rides villages, burns and destroys everything, then comes the dragonslayer, he “slays” the dragon in well played “heroic fight”, gets the prize and they move to the next village. The System is the dragon and we are the dragonslayers. We get prizes, and move on. The Dragon (khmmm… The System), stays the same. Complex, with dependencies descriptors, getting bigger and bigger, and soon, all our microservices will turn into The System. Where information density is equal on all levels of abstractions, where partial decomposition is impossible and database (this time NoSQL database) is central design lock.


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Your inbox and where we can traverse from there

I love when my brain has some spare cycles. I love this feeling of being bored. And I love this moment when one of my brain’s cells wake up and shouts out loud, “hey, let’s do something”. In these moments everything looks like a fun thing to do, the next most important project that is going to change the world. I have so many such projects, not finished, never actually fully implemented, the next big thing. Because life is too short to finish projects :).

This time, one of my projects turned into something that works, and I have been using it for the last two years more than 20 times, a Neo4j workshop.

It was a dark, snowy night in Cracow, Poland when said to myself, “hey, what if, I put all my emails into Neo4j”. Doesn’t this sound like a fun project? Of course, it does. You may ask, so what’s the business value of such project. Let me explain you, my business value minded people, fun is the ultimate value, together with exploration and finding people I can go for a drink. That’s what I call business value.

So let me welcome you to a journey on how to find your “true” friends by analysing your inbox in a graph.

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We are crowd, we are anonymous

This post is full of emotions, strong words, my own opinions. It is far from being politically correct in any dimension. If you know me, you know what I mean. You read this post on your own responsibility.
I struggled since Friday two weeks ago to actually get it in shape and post it. I have compressed a year long of frustrations and anger.

Friday, finally. When I was leaving office I was filled with anger, disappointment and this weird feeling of lost hope and faith in humanity. I am coder, by heart, and by accident I work with people.

On the way back home I was thinking about this post as a way for me to deal with all my frustration, being mainly driven by my interactions with other people. As I was passing tram stops I finally realized that there is something different which is a reason of my bad mood and what a surprise, the reason is different then I thought.

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Graphs, pyramids and organic growth

For last couple of months I have been thinking, researching, trying and failing to build different approach to software architecture.As I am getting closer to my 40ties it is high time to summarize what I have learned so far. All the past I spent following others, learning from people, adapting paradigms, testing them in real life, and throwing majority of them to a trashcan, as they were idealistic, utopian visions of reality.
Does it mean I want to concur the world with yet another manifesto? Give consultants a chance to write one more book? Does it mean I want to start a revolution? Ask you to forget all you have learned? For God’s sake, no. If I every do this, it means that I was drunk, or somebody forced me to do it.
The things I think about is rather a librarian like work, a village’s shaman who decided to put all the collective knowledge and wisdom of the tribe, written in the stone. It is rather collection of articles,blog posts, discussions, things so obvious they even don’t have name, so it is hard to talk about them.
So I named this thing, I called it Patterns of Organic Architecture. Nice name, would look nice at the cover book I will never have time to write.
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Real World Enterprise Integration Patterns workshop at JDD conference in Krakow, 16-17 October 2013

Real World Enterprise Integration Patterns workshop at JDD conference in Krakow, 16-17 October 2013

Pipes and filters, content routers, messaging endpoints and gateways, aggregators and splitters. Want to hear what is all about? Want to hear some real world stories about building application integrations with Spring Integration. Come and join me at Java Developers Day conference in Krakow, 16-18 October 2013.

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My “Practical Spring Data” accepted JavaDay conf in Riga

My “Practical Spring Data” accepted JavaDay conf in Riga

This is going to be a great time for me and I hope for attendees as well :). I must admit I have never ever been in Riga and I have never ever been beyond east side of Polish border. I need to start looking for accommodation and flight. Any suggestions are more than welcomed 🙂

See you there in November.

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“I ty też możesz mieć swoje dane w cache”

Tym razem w ojczystym języku, czyli moja prezentacja o cache w aplikacjach, dzięki uprzejmości i gościnności Polish JUG.

Stokrotne dzięki za możliwość prezentacji premierowego materiału, ciągle na etapie eksperymentów z formą i treścią 🙂

“Enjoy the ride!” 🙂

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What is Software Architecture?

What is Software Architecture?

Are you brave enough to stand up in front of the crowd and answer this question? What is Software Architecture? Are you brave enough to go away from frameworks and programming languages and talk about design, paradigms and systems’ scalability, performance and resiliency? Call for papers is still open and we still accept topic’s submissions. Let’s meet on 12 April,2013 in Warsaw at 4Developers conference.

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