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Szybcy i wściekli

Ten artykuł zawiera ohydne, ze wszech miar odrażające, do granic podłości bezczelne lokowanie produktu.

Przełom 1999/2000. Turbo Pascal się skończył. Okazało się, że 640 kB to jednak za mało, a Windows 95, wbrew przewidywaniom mojego CTO/CEO/CFO/CMO w jednej osobie, zachwycił odbiorców swoją wygodą, funkcjonalnością i ogólnym “look’n’feel”. I nikt się nie przejmował tym,  że do zrobienia tego samego w arkuszu kalkulacyjnym potrzebują teraz zabójczego Pentium z 4 MB RAM. Podsumowując: ludzie chcieli okienek, a nie MS-DOS.

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We are crowd, we are anonymous

This post is full of emotions, strong words, my own opinions. It is far from being politically correct in any dimension. If you know me, you know what I mean. You read this post on your own responsibility.
I struggled since Friday two weeks ago to actually get it in shape and post it. I have compressed a year long of frustrations and anger.

Friday, finally. When I was leaving office I was filled with anger, disappointment and this weird feeling of lost hope and faith in humanity. I am coder, by heart, and by accident I work with people.

On the way back home I was thinking about this post as a way for me to deal with all my frustration, being mainly driven by my interactions with other people. As I was passing tram stops I finally realized that there is something different which is a reason of my bad mood and what a surprise, the reason is different then I thought.

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My “Practical Spring Data” accepted JavaDay conf in Riga

My “Practical Spring Data” accepted JavaDay conf in Riga

This is going to be a great time for me and I hope for attendees as well :). I must admit I have never ever been in Riga and I have never ever been beyond east side of Polish border. I need to start looking for accommodation and flight. Any suggestions are more than welcomed 🙂

See you there in November.

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What is Software Architecture?

What is Software Architecture?

Are you brave enough to stand up in front of the crowd and answer this question? What is Software Architecture? Are you brave enough to go away from frameworks and programming languages and talk about design, paradigms and systems’ scalability, performance and resiliency? Call for papers is still open and we still accept topic’s submissions. Let’s meet on 12 April,2013 in Warsaw at 4Developers conference.

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