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Fork and join with Mule 3

Ooops…, I did it. I decided a couple of weeks back to get out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone of writing posts in my native language, which is Polish. As human, you are not able to make progress, continuously improve your life, if you don’t seek ways to get out of your comfort zone.
As always in such situations I am apprehensive, even terrified. Terrified that I will loose my “flow”, will be criticized and in many cases you will misunderstand my intentions and thoughts.
If you find “syntactic bugs” in my posts, please feel free to write a comment.

This time I am going to shed some light on interesting problem I’ve been fighting with some time ago.

Out of many projects in our company, we have a product which uses Mule ESB, to build integrations with third party providers. It works as a broker, which sends the same message to various providers over variety of protocols and using many different messages formats. Later on responses from providers are aggregated and sent back to client.Easy job, isn’t it?

Recently we got stuck with interesting performance related problem. Same message can be sent to hundreds of providers, and it may take significant amount of time for all providers to process and send message back. Problem is not new and nothing unusual. Looking at the very heart of the problem you can easily say that it can be solved with “fork and join” pattern.
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